Monday, March 31, 2008


So, this year Band tour has been very awesome! God has came and met with us during all of our services. I can honestly say that I personally needed this tour. I'm so excited about how He is using our services to ministry to others, but to myself as well.

Of course tour wouldn't be fun without the funny things that happen. Last night after our service we we're to stay on the platform until we knew who we were going with. So Michelle and I are patiently waiting and waiting and waiting, when the lady said, "Okay, that takes care of everyone." But it left Michelle and I without a place to stay......... We very politely informed her that we didn't have a place to stay. To make a LONG story short the lady who was suppose to take us home didn't show up, this sweet lady immediately went searching for a place to rest our weary little heads. She found a family who was not prepared for extra people in their house to take us home and give us a bed. The Blanton family had a beautiful house, and adorable children. They just recently became Christians and we were able to share with them about the Holiness movement and familiarize them with our school! It was such a great time!

Today we were suppose to load the bus at 11:00 sharp :-) Well, needless to say Michelle and I did not load the bus until 11:30ish! We informed the Blanton's of the time we needed to be on the bus but we didn't make it. We got several phone calls informing us we we're late! The bus tried to leave twice without us, but thankfully they stayed around for us. We finally loaded the bus and took off, but when we stopped Mr. Mills and Mr. Wolf kept informing us exactly what time we needed to load the bus. Thankfully, it wasn't our faults we were late in the first place.

Tonight, we had a very good service. We were in a very small church and Hector and I wasn't allowed to play on four songs. Instead we got to worship on those songs. Tomorrow night is our last service and then we head back to Cincinnati. I will be glad when the bus pulls back onto campus! Well, I must head off to bed now Goodnight friends

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Second day of tour

As I lay here blogging I am currently in Rock Hills, South Carolina. Today, is the second day of tour and it has been excellent so far. Last night, we had our first service in Ohio about an hour away from school. Today we loaded the bus at 6:45 and pulled away from good ole' Cincinnati. We had a long 8 1/2 hrs on the bus but it has been fun. I almost completed the book, Missions in the 21st Century (which is very good,) my homework load is a little lighter now.

In both of our services God has really came and met with us. Last night, was really good, but tonight was AWESOME! God's presence was there and I absolutely love services where people are standing, shouting and raising their hands toward Heaven.

Here are just a few pictures:
Wonderful Hot Fudge Cake

West Virgina

Well, before the service tonight Mr. D informed me that there wasn't enough housing for all of us to go to so the majority of us ended up in hotels! For this I am very thankful! As soon as we got here we all carried our stuff up to our rooms and walked down the road to McDonalds. I must say they have excellent sweet tea out here.

On more of a serious note one of the songs that we sing and play is, Your still Lord. Every time this we come to this song I can't help cry. The whole song is very powerful but there is a few phrases that really speak to me. The first part talks about how we accepted Christ as Lord Almighty as a child and how he is still our Lord. In the second verse one particular phrase is When I made my choice it was forever. How true that is for me. I'm glad I made a choice to follow God, but my choice will be for a life time, there's nothing that I want to go back to.

Your Still Lord
When I was just a child I heard the beautiful story
How You loved me so that you died on Calvary
And though I claimed you way back then as Lord Almighty
Things haven’t changed, my love’s still the same
You’re still Lord to me

You’re still Lord, You’re still my Father
In little of much I still feel Your touch
You’re still Lord
You’re still Lord, You’re still my Father
You’ll always be mine for all time
You’re still Lord

Some have called you Lord but now the serve another
To worldly things their heart has pledged it’s loyalty
But as for me when I made my choice it was forever
And just as before but now even more
You’re still Lord to me

You’re still Lord, You’re still my Father
In little of much I still feel Your touch
You’re still Lord
You’re still Lord, You’re still my Father
You’ll always be mine for all time
You’re still Lord

Friday, March 14, 2008


This past Wednesday night was the Jr/Sr/Mid-winter banquet. It was a very busy day doing hair, and getting ready for the banquet, but overall I had a great time! I was able to go to the banquet this year with my wonderful cousin Joshua. He was so much fun to go with. We sat with his two roomates and their dates and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the great evening Josh, I love you very much! Here's a few pictures of the night!

Joshua & I

My hairMy beautiful cousin Amanda & I
John Price, Joshua, Stephen Nelson
My amazing friend Heather & IThe Sophomore classHope you enjoyed the pictures. More will be coming sometime in the near future.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two Adorable children!

Yesterday, I went to Scott and Lynnette's and got to see some of my favorite children in the world. Here is Kaiden! Right before this picture he was smiling very much but was fascinated by the light on the camera phone, therefore, making this face.

This is a picture of Meaghan right before her 1st birthday with her favorite toys at Mamaw & Papaw's house.

Here is a picture of Meaghan that was taken last night, She had a mouth full of chips and was a lot of fun! I took her shopping with me, and she kept sayin " HI, I shoppin with Aunt Sarah." Everyone in the stores knew who I was thanks to Meaghan.
Once again here is Kaiden. Such a cute lil' guy. Do you think he looks like Meg when she was younger?