Friday, July 18, 2008

Today is the Day

I'm packed! I wasn't for sure if I was going to be able to fit everything in the alloted bags but I did!

Within the next twenty-four hours I'm sure I will be exhausted from traveling but it will be lots of fun. I will be able to go through Colorado, and New Mexico, which I have never been to before. Of course I will get to revisit some states, but it will be fun.

In all of my packing I packed four books, mp3 player, and I believe someone is bringing lots of DVD's. I believe that I will have plenty of things to keep me occupied when I'm not sleeping, or driving.

This is good-bye for awhile. More than likely there will be no cellphone service, or access to the internet. I shall return sometime with hopefully lots of details. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated while we are on this trip.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This and That

I love the weather. Its such a beautiful night out. I love the outdoors. Earlier this week it was such a perfect day to be outside. Meaghan and I washed my car, Lynnette's car, and Meaghan watched as I mowed the grass. I haven't mowed in awhile. I enjoyed it very much, brought back memories of doing it many of times while growing up.

This past weekend I was babysitting, I love going to this place for a few reasons. James and Susie are adorable, well behaved children, love the view from their house of Cincinnati, super sweet parents.I'm going to miss all of my kids while I'm gone. I have fallen in love with all 5 of them. They can be trying at times but what a joy they are. Tuesday was my last day until the middle of August.
Its a blessing to have a few days off before I leave for New Mexico. I spent the majority of the day yesterday and all day today home with Meaghan and Kaiden. I have enjoyed it greatly. More than any of my kids I will miss M n K the most. I will probably miss when Kaiden starts crawling, and who knows what else Meaghan will learn while I'm gone. She is such a brilliant child.

I'm packing and trying to figure out if I need anything else for my trip. I think I have everything. I'm looking forward to this trip very much. I'm sure I'll have a lot of pictures and details to blog about later.

I smell my brownies so I must go get them out of the oven and put Kaiden to sleep. Have a wonderful night all.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


WOW, what a week this has been! I must say it has been full of lots of new adventures for me.
I went out to the Mills' house this week and rode the four-wheeler! Many laughs and good memories were made that night. My little buddy Tyler was so much fun to ride with. I ventured out and took him down a steep hill, and basically slid the whole way down it. Yeah kinda scary.

Learning how to drive was the best part! I do believe I scared Beth multiple times, and I killed it multiple times. I was trying to change gears in flip flops- very stupid of me. Once, I changed into tennis shoes I succeeded in changing gears and not killing it. I had a blast I loved the feeling of the wind hitting you in the face, and taking it as fast as it could go in an open field. Can't wait to do it again!Last week, Stephen, Elisabeth, and myself went up to King's Island for an afternoon. It rained on us, but we had so much fun. When it was just barley raining I loved the feeling of riding the Racer with rain coming down. We attempted to ride the octopus but it was not fun in pouring down rain. We were drenched by the time we got off. Later after the rain passed we rode the Firehawk. I don't believe I have ever screamed this hard before. I wasn't up to the whole idea of lying on my back, facing the sky, then suddenly facing the ground, but oh what a ride! It was a blast! Elisabeth and I went back yesterday and spent the WHOLE day there. Firehawk was even better this time. This is one ride that I come off without a voice, and crying from laughing so hard. I scream the whole ride, and when it comes to a stop I am laughing very hard. I love the whole free falling feeling . Its a ride you MUST ride. Thanks for recommending it Sam.Lis was terrified to ride the drop tower. I love this ride. She prayed the whole way up and screamed the whole way down

Tuesday night, Lis and I went shopping. I love $2.38 sales at JcPenny's. We also went down to riverfront and played volleyball with Alvin, Elvis, Ronnie, Donnie, and Valerie. I don't believe I have ever purposefully played in pouring down rain but it was fun. We were covered from head to toe with sand, but 3 0n 4 people teams it made you play harder and was well worth the mess afterwards.

I love the whole summer cold thing. It came at the right time. I hope it goes away very soon. I leave in a 8 day I'm excited but have to finish a few things first. At least my TO DO list is getting shorter. I'm off to hopefully finish this list.... Have a good day

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Awaken by Aromas in the air

I love waking up to the aroma of something cooking in the kitchen. Whatever it may be. Makes me happy!

Today I woke up by the smell of breakfast. Eggs, fresh sausage, home made biscuits with butter and honey, or better yet with melted brown sugar and butter, chocolate milk. I'm going to enjoy it very much.

Aw, I love home and the memories that I have here

Well, I'm off to eat and then I must go to work. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The sound of knocking glass

Do you know what that sound of someone knocking on glass sounds like? Do you know what it sounds like at 1:15 in the morning? First of all, that is one sound that can get on my nerves very quickly and especially at such a ridiculous time of the morning.

Yes, I just got pulled over for the SECOND time in my life. With both of these I have been fairly close to home. As I was getting off the exit to come home, a cop car was waiting just down the road. I told my cousin "That cop is going to pull me over." Yep, I was right he, or should I say, they did. The first cop knocked on my cousins side of the car. My first thought was, "that's weird," until the second cop knocked on my side. By this time all the information that he was going to need was in my hand...(except the registration) I somehow forgot to grab it. Mr. Cop said, "I pulled you over because you are all over MY roads." Yeah right I just got off the exit.

Anyways I was question to if I had recently been drinking, and where was I coming from and where was I headed. No, to the first answer, just got off work, heading about a block away to my bed. Then for some reason I went back to the first question and answered yes to it. This certaintly got his attention. I have been throughly enjoying my Sweet Tea I just purchased at McDonald's. He didn't enjoy this answer very much but deep down inside I was laughing.

In the other ear I hear the cop asking Lis for her id. "Sir, I don't have one." Then here comes all the questioning for her. How old are you, are you of any relation, where are you coming from, where are you headed? Elisabeth politely answers all his questions. Next comes the question, whose car does this belong to, why are you in an Indiana licensed car? Yes, at this point I was frustarted. I politely jump in an inform this guy that it belongs to my dad. Then here it goes again, "Why do you have it, what are you doing in Ohio, shouldn't you be home by now? Do I really have to explain my whole life to this stupid cop? I could be in bed at this very moment instead of answering these stupid questions.

Finally, they both go to their car. When Mr. Questions returns I am informed that I need to drive in one lane, and not all over the road because I am a threat to those on the road. My brain once again goes into smartical remarks, I'm such a threat, no one has passed us since you pulled me over, I just got off the exit, how could I possible be all over your road? Thankfully I kept these remarks in.

As I am venting I am drinking my "alcholic tea." I know they are bored with nothing to do, but please don't make me sound like I'm committing all these horrible traffic violations just because you have nothing better to do. My opion and attitude toward policemen at this moment is not the greatest.

What a great way to end an excellent day. Details of my day will follow sometime in the future. I've vented about my wonderful encounter with two bored cops, I'm beyond ready for bed, so I shall go there.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yep, I'm back...Updates & thoughts

Yes, I'm still alive! Life has been very busy the last couple of weeks. It looks as though life will slow down in about a week!

This past weekend was a very good weekend, one that I desperately needed. Friday night I went to a friends graduation from nursing school. I was there with three of my friends, and with someone I kinda of knew but not really. Anyways, by the end of the graduation we both knew each other better than before. I always love getting to meet new people.

After the graduation my phone rang, it was Sam. Didn't know he was there, was confused by his question at first, realized he was in the same building as I was. We decided to hang out later, and it was fun. Went to Amber's graduation party, hung out there for awhile then went home. Stayed up early in the morning talking.

Saturday I went home and went to a friends wedding, had lots of fun hanging out with family, and friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Afterwards Elisabeth and I decided to go shopping...always a lot of fun. Later we went home and swam. Swimming is always relaxing, had many laughs, and made some good memories. Keith, Matthew, and Ethan came over also, it was so much fun hanging out with them. I don't get to see Keith very much anymore, college, and a job took him away from good ole' Columbus. Good thing is his job is transferring him to Columbus, OH for six months. Once school starts again we'll only be an hour away. Much fun will be had by the Williams' cousins and Keith.

So, I have been "living" with one of the families I babysit for. They are cute kids, try my patience at times, but overall I love these kids.Keene, Quinn, & Pierce
All of us doing something funny.
Keene enjoyed putting his finger in his nose and mouthAll of us trying to be normal!

I was blog surfing the other day and I came across a friends blog that I hadn't visited in awhile. It really made me think so I will share just a little with you.

What has been the happiest day of your life? Was it when you got your permit, or how about when you got your licenses. Was it when you graduated from High School, or was it when you got your very first job? Will it be when you find the special someone in your life, or when you become a proud parent? These question I could very well answer yes to, but there has been a day that has been happier than any of these days could even compare to. That was that day at a youth camp when I gave my life to God. The day I made a choice to give up what I want in life, and follow God's plan for my life. For when I made this choice it affected every aspect of my life. I am very glad that I made this decision, and the decision to completely give my life to God no matter the cost. Yes, I've struggled, and life hasn't been the easiest at times but oh what a difference it has made. Have you lost the joy of when you gave your life to Christ? Is this truly been the happiest day of your life? This week seems like it is flying by. Elisabeth came to Cincinnati with me. We have had a blast. Tomorrow we are going to get up early, and spend the day at King's Island. It has been awhile since either of us have been there...can't wait! Tomorrow night after I finish babysitting we will be heading home. Well, that is all for now

Until next time,