Friday, August 29, 2008

1st week of college has arrived...

I've officially moved back into the dorm. My room is all set up and I'm ready for the semester to start.

The overwhelming feeling hasn't hit yet, but I'm sure within due time it will. I'm in the following classes: Band, Principles & Problems of Missions, Principles and Methods of Education, Music of the Bible, Cultural Diversity, Children's Literature, and Urban Ministry. Overall they won't be difficult I just have to figure out a way to stay on top of all the reading. I believe that I have more reading this semester than I have in the past.

This week has been Revival. I must say that God has came and met the needs of people who have truly sought Him. I, for one, have sought God's face and He has met my needs. Earlier in the week I still felt a struggle, but I can truly say that God has been faithful once again. I strongly dislike being in a spirtual battle, but I find this is a period when I grow. My heart's desire is to be a living vessel for God. I want to know Him deeper, I want to continue to be molded, into what He wants for my life.

Last week, was Dad's 48th Birthday! My parents came up to Cincinnati to bring me things I needed at home, and also to spend time with our family. Our family loves Buckhead's and decided that we would go there for supper. Long story short, we get there, get seated, and then was informed all we could order was salad. We decided that wasn't what we wanted and made our way over to Don Pablo's. We wanted to eat outside to enjoy the view of the river, but opted for inside where it was much cooler. Mom "accidently" mentioned it was Dad's birthday and of course he got to wear the sombrero.

Dad and Meaghan, I love how Dad's face is red

Meaghan had to try it on. Just a little to big Meaghan

Kaiden loved it!

This weekend I'm going to a Renaissance Festival with the Tyler Clan. I hear that its lots of fun. Looking forward to enjoying this weekend before I'm overwhelmed with school work. Tonight and tomorrow night I will be working and then head off to my brothers for the weekend. Sunday night is the big Fireworks Display and I'm looking forward to it very much!

I must go. I have several chapters that I intend to get finished tonight. Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

New, Mexico, Illinois, Cincinnati

Its been a week since I have been back from New Mexico and lots has happened.

I took a day and tried to catch up on sleep, then went to Illinois for a wedding.

Had lots of fun at the wedding. It was great to see friends from school and to catch up with them. Yes, Gumby is wearing the garter that he caught on his leg and I have the bouquet that I caught. We had to get a picture together , Gumby was hilarious!I also have been working at the restaurant and now I'm back in Cincinnati. I was so excited to see Meaghan and Kaiden. Wow they have gotten bigger. Of course I was excited to see my boys again also.

I can't believe that school starts in about a week. This summer has flown by but so many good things have also happen. I for one am not ready for school to start yet.

I promise that I will blog about New Mexico sometime soon!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home


I love that word!

I'm so glad to be home for a few days.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Glad to be home, miss NM even more

Home at last! I miss New Mexico already. 30+hrs in a Jimmy this I do not miss.

Life out there can be pretty sad. All these children need is for someone to show love to them, care for them, but most importantly show them God's love.

New Mexico is a place to view God's beauty.
I was in aw of how beautiful life is here!

More pictures will come later with more updates. I'm going to try to get use to this time zone once again and go to bed since its past time here. I should sleep well after hours and hours of riding in a over crowded car.
Good night