Monday, December 29, 2008

December Events

Semester ended well. This past semester was the busiest one I've had since I've been in college. Thank the Lord I stayed healthy and finished the semester with very good grades!! :-)

Sometime back in December I turned another year older. It was kinda weird not spending it with my family but I spent it with some close friends! We went out to eat at the Rio Grande and had a blast! Esther greatly embarrassed me and asked if they did anything for birthdays. Later I felt something on my head and was handing the Mexican ice cream which was very good :)
I also went ice skating one night with the P.A. girls and T

Awesome friends!
Fake Smile T?
Being Stupid

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'M HOME! That's enough for me

Lots have happen since I last blogged. Pictures and some info will come soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just a few things I'm thankful for

I'm happy! This week has been a little on the cold side but it SNOWED! Every time I see little white flakes fall from the sky it makes me smile from the inside out. Of course I'm a winter baby so that makes me love it even more. I hope that I can go snowmobiling this winter. What fun that would be.

So I have a goal that I'm trying to reach. The goal might be stretching myself, but I'm determined to get it done. Now lets just see if I do. Recently I've been reminding myself that I CAN do it.

I received great news yesterday. As of a few days ago I had a bill that was due within the next few weeks. I knew there was no way possible for me to get the bill paid, but I was trying to figure out ways that I could come up with the money. Needless to say I was getting a little nervous but now I have no reason too. God has supplied my need and my bill has been taking care of! He provided for me even more than what was needed. Yes, we serve an amazing God.

I have plans for the weekend. I'm going to get caught up on sleep. Before I do that though I plan on ice skating sometime in the wee hours in the morning, working, and of course the dreaded homework.

Band is going to southern Indiana this weekend. I'm excited because I will be able to see some old friends that I haven't seen in quite awhile. I hope also that I get to see my family, but if not I will get to see them Wednesday.

Thanksgiving I'm looking forward to. I'm ready for the break that I will have from work and school. More than that I'm excited to spend time with family and none other than eating from the best cooks in the world. I miss my mom's cooking, but between Mom and Aunt Karen I will be able to know what real home cooked food is like again. I also am looking forward to cooking, something I miss doing here at school.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm in a Christmas mood

Its official I am in the mood for Christmas! Christmas music is now here, and tonight I'm going to put up my tree, hopefully.

All we are missing now is SNOW!!!! I can't wait!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Early Morning Adventure

Friday morning I rolled out of bed around 4:30 a.m. to start my day. Around 5:00 a.m.Esther, T, and myself left for IHOP. We listen to Late Last Night songs on the way there,(which were silly songs) studied, and ate breakfast.

T acting annoyed

Esther working on HomeworkActing like I'm knocking on the glass
(the guy looked at me kinda strange afterwards)

My pancakes :-)

The reason for this early morning excursion was to do some homework. I tried studying Thursday night for my test on Friday, but for some reason my mind couldn't process the information. So I had to do whatever it took to make it stick. That meant getting up at such an insane hour. I got a lot of studying done while there and was wide awake for the rest of the morning.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy things about my week

So I have had a good week so far. Here are a few of the things that have made me smile recently;

  • awoken with Starbucks, always makes you want to start the day
  • Christmas music :D
  • Lots of homework accomplished
  • Hayride
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Free Starbucks :) also a plus
  • Scarf, gloves, winter coat,
  • Hoodie Weather
  • Hot Chocolate
  • The joy of praying
  • Finished my 10wk class with a good grade :)
  • Bought four books- all on sale
  • Went out to eat with Mr. Glick and my C.A. group
  • Reminder of how great God is
  • pumpkin carving
Just a few things. I shall post pictures of some of these advents sometime soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love Fall!

I love Fall and the cold weather that it brings. The only thing that I miss about this year is the leaves are not turning colors.

I'm smiling because I'm happy, and I'm going to spend the majority of my day outside! This always makes me excited.

Life has been busy lately. I'm a little concerned how I'm going to get everything done and paid for but my Dad reassured me that everything will work out the way its suppose to. In the mean time I'm going to rely on God's strength and I will get through this crazy part of the semester.

Tonight is Teen Power and I'm excited about this. I love spending time with these teens. These teens are special to me. I know God has a plan for them and what an impact they can be. I know they have given me a different outlook on ministry and for that I'm grateful.


According to the dictionary busy means:

  • actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime
  • not at leisure; otherwise engaged
  • full of or characterized by activity
I think this accurately describes my life presently.

I know personally I'm ready for Thanksgiving break. Ready for a few days of R&R

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Monday started out to be just another Monday. When I woke up I wanted to go back to sleep, but made myself get up and go to classes. When I was finished my plans were to go take an hour nap and then spend the afternoon doing homework. Of course we all know that plans don't go as planned. At lunch Joshua said that he had to go home to register to vote. I also needed to go to the court house for an absentee form so I rode along.

Monday was the first day that you could actually start voting. So I voted instead of getting a form, and the hassle with that. I also was able to spend some time at home. It had been awhile since I had been home, and it felt good to be there. I spent the afternoon baking cookies, and doing some homework. That evening, my parents and I went down to Snappy's Pizza and had an awesome meal.

I must say that going home, even though it was very short time, was worth it. I can tell the difference in my week. I've been able to get up on time this week, I've gotten a lot accomplished that I probably wouldn't have, and there are a few more things. I'm thankfully that I was able to go home and just spend time with my Momma and Dad.

It been a great week so far, but I am greatly looking forward to this weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This week has been busy, but I am hoping that it quickly comes to an end. Two things had me stressed out, one is over with, and the other will be before nine in the morning! I had to write seven poems for my children's literature class, and I was quite surprised how they turned out. Once I picked a topic the words came with little struggle. I have my first test tomorrow, but with the help of classmates to study with and a good review I'm hoping to do well.

I intend to blog about some of the things that has happened this week but I can't promise. I'm very excited the weekend is coming up and I will have a few extra hours to catch up on the sleep that I have been losing.

God is amazing! He answers prayers and supplies the needs far more than I ever imagined possible. I've been reminded lately by two different people on the subject of prayer. I had a professor say today that he'd rather us take a grade cut in one of his classes than to miss the most important part of our day, prayer and devotion. Pastor Chip recently spoke on prayer and how we don't take it as serious as we should. We need to be persistent in praying and ask God to do great things for us. We tend to ask for small things, but we serve an Almighty God, we need to learn to ask for bigger things. I'm glad that I personally know this God and that my love and desire to know Him deeper is growing with everyday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amazing Weekend

Had a great weekend!

Went bowling with friends had a blast. Must go again sometime soon.

Organized everything in my room. Cleaned it from top to bottom.

Worked on some homework...

Worked, then went to my brothers for Saturday and Sunday

Had a great experience in church today

Going to finish the rest of my homework and then off to bed


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Fall is here and I am enjoying it. I love the cool, brisk mornings, the cool night. I love everything about fall.

This past weekend at home Lynnette decided to take a few pictures of the kids. Here are some of my favorite.

Until next time

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A random mixture of things

Since I posted last there has been a number of things that have happened.

  1. Decide late one Saturday night I was going home for Sunday.
  2. Power Outage in Cincinnati - I missed all of it
  3. Never lost power
  4. Spent a week at home
  5. Was able to work while at home
  6. Family came to my parents house due to the power outage
  7. Went to King's Island with youth group, Pastor Chip, and Nichole
  8. Went to a school picnic and hung out with friends :D
  9. Did lots of homework
  10. Spent some quality time with a few close friends
There's more that happen but its late and I can't remember it all.

I greatly enjoyed my time at home. Was able to work and God provided for me unexpectedly and far surpassed what I needed. He is amazing? I love him so much!

Went boating with some friends and learned that I can row a boat! Last time I went the guys wouldn't let the girls for some stupid reasons. This time it was all girls and we managed quite well.

Randomly walked about the campus with a friend tonight. Funny the things that you see when you are watching people. People make me laugh.

Life is busy, haven't died yet, so I'm good.

I bought a hat, two actually, while in New Mexico and I love it. We stop at Cline's Corners, which is an awesome place, and I had help picking out this hat. According to Jon almost everyone buys a hat there. I was against buying the hat, but after I put it on I knew I had to buy it. In the process of finding the perfect hat I had a very helpful person. The only two condition were it had to be brown, and have the braided part around it like everyone else. I must say I LOVE my hat now and its so comfortable. Yes, I know, I've been informed many time that I'm not the "hat" type of person, but I do love hats!

Okay so its not the best picture of my hat, but u see the general idea of it. It really is better than it looks on here.

Well, I have just a few work sheets left that are due tomorrow. I'm going to finish them and then off to bed...

Until next time

Friday, September 12, 2008

I will praise you still

Another week of school is complete. I'm very thankful that the weekend is finally here. I will be working most of the weekend, but I'm ready for the small break that I will be getting.

It's raining, which makes me sleepy and unmotivated to do anything. I should be giving my homework 100 percent of my attention but.....I'm not.

Today in chapel we sang the song Worthy of Worship. I like the whole song but especially the last verse.

Worthy of worship, worthy of praise,
Worthy of honour and glory,
Worthy of all the glad songs we can see,
Worthy of all of the offerings we bring
You are worthy, father, creator,
You are worthy, saviour, sustainer,
You are worthy, worthy and wonderful,
Worthy of worship and praise,

Worthy of rev'rence, worthy of fear,
Worthy of love and devotion,
Worthy of bowing and bending of knees,
Worthy of all this and added to these,
You are worthy, father, creator,
You are worthy, saviour, sustainer,
You are worthy, worthy and wonderful,
Wor-thy of worship and-

Praise! Almighty Father, master and Lord,
King of all Kings and redeemer,
Wonderful counselor comforter friend,
Saviour and source of our life without end.
You are worthy, father, creator,
You are worthy, saviour, sustainer,
You are worthy, worthy and wonderful,
Worthy of worship and praise

I'm thankful even though I don't see why things are happening, that God still loves me and know everything that is going on. The past couple of weeks have been very hard for me, but I know God is with me every step of the way. He deserves my praise no matter what is going on.

I'm learning how to pray more. I don't understand but I know that God's will, WILL be done in my life no matter the outcome. My plans if they don't meet up to God's are nothing. I'm sure I'll be able to look back and see the good out of this situation.

Well, today was a long day and its finally over. Praise the Lord!
Tomorrow I get to sleep in and spend the morning with a dear friend doing lots of homework.

I'm starting to ramble...

Monday, September 8, 2008


Must be a lesson that I needed to relearn.

Prayer is a vital part of my everyday life but especially with my spiritual life.

A lesson that I'm glad I'm relearning.

Time taken to tarry before God until one is filled with the Holy Spirit is never wasted time. Oh, how true this is.

Homework finished! Ahead in almost everything!

Now its time for my reward : SLEEP :)

Goodnight all,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Events

So this past weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday Vince, Elisabeth, Jon, Tyler, Tony, Theresa, Esther, and myself went to a Renaissance Festival. It was a lot of fun to see people dressed up and just to get a feel of what it was like in the 16th century. There were many cool things to see and just admiring all the different kinds of dress. There was dancing, real jousting, comedians, jugglers and many more things.

I loved listening to Donal Hinely and his glasses that were tuned with water. The real jousting was also a lot of fun to watch. I forgot my camera so if you want to see pictures and videos about it visit Esther's blog.

Monday, was spent working on homework, doing dishes and spending time with family and friends. I spent time with my kids who I love dearly, and then went to the Tyler's house. Had wonderful food but by far the best was the pasta salad and apple pie. Thanks for making it especially for me Elisabeth. Had a lot of fun playing Monopoly with the Vince and Jon. (Bart we will have to have a rematch soon.) I was ahead and probably would of won but because of curfew we didn't get to see. :( Hopefully sometime soon we will finish it.

I miss my kids greatly. I can't wait to see them this weekend! Also, one of my best friends is coming down from New York for the weekend. Can't wait to see her and create more memories.

My break from homework is over with now :( I must finish it so that I have the night to work on Monday's homework.

I don't understand! How can this be happening? I thought things were going well.

God, I know your there and that you care. Please help me to deal with the pain and hurt I feel. I need you now more today than I ever have before.

Friday, August 29, 2008

1st week of college has arrived...

I've officially moved back into the dorm. My room is all set up and I'm ready for the semester to start.

The overwhelming feeling hasn't hit yet, but I'm sure within due time it will. I'm in the following classes: Band, Principles & Problems of Missions, Principles and Methods of Education, Music of the Bible, Cultural Diversity, Children's Literature, and Urban Ministry. Overall they won't be difficult I just have to figure out a way to stay on top of all the reading. I believe that I have more reading this semester than I have in the past.

This week has been Revival. I must say that God has came and met the needs of people who have truly sought Him. I, for one, have sought God's face and He has met my needs. Earlier in the week I still felt a struggle, but I can truly say that God has been faithful once again. I strongly dislike being in a spirtual battle, but I find this is a period when I grow. My heart's desire is to be a living vessel for God. I want to know Him deeper, I want to continue to be molded, into what He wants for my life.

Last week, was Dad's 48th Birthday! My parents came up to Cincinnati to bring me things I needed at home, and also to spend time with our family. Our family loves Buckhead's and decided that we would go there for supper. Long story short, we get there, get seated, and then was informed all we could order was salad. We decided that wasn't what we wanted and made our way over to Don Pablo's. We wanted to eat outside to enjoy the view of the river, but opted for inside where it was much cooler. Mom "accidently" mentioned it was Dad's birthday and of course he got to wear the sombrero.

Dad and Meaghan, I love how Dad's face is red

Meaghan had to try it on. Just a little to big Meaghan

Kaiden loved it!

This weekend I'm going to a Renaissance Festival with the Tyler Clan. I hear that its lots of fun. Looking forward to enjoying this weekend before I'm overwhelmed with school work. Tonight and tomorrow night I will be working and then head off to my brothers for the weekend. Sunday night is the big Fireworks Display and I'm looking forward to it very much!

I must go. I have several chapters that I intend to get finished tonight. Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

New, Mexico, Illinois, Cincinnati

Its been a week since I have been back from New Mexico and lots has happened.

I took a day and tried to catch up on sleep, then went to Illinois for a wedding.

Had lots of fun at the wedding. It was great to see friends from school and to catch up with them. Yes, Gumby is wearing the garter that he caught on his leg and I have the bouquet that I caught. We had to get a picture together , Gumby was hilarious!I also have been working at the restaurant and now I'm back in Cincinnati. I was so excited to see Meaghan and Kaiden. Wow they have gotten bigger. Of course I was excited to see my boys again also.

I can't believe that school starts in about a week. This summer has flown by but so many good things have also happen. I for one am not ready for school to start yet.

I promise that I will blog about New Mexico sometime soon!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home


I love that word!

I'm so glad to be home for a few days.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Glad to be home, miss NM even more

Home at last! I miss New Mexico already. 30+hrs in a Jimmy this I do not miss.

Life out there can be pretty sad. All these children need is for someone to show love to them, care for them, but most importantly show them God's love.

New Mexico is a place to view God's beauty.
I was in aw of how beautiful life is here!

More pictures will come later with more updates. I'm going to try to get use to this time zone once again and go to bed since its past time here. I should sleep well after hours and hours of riding in a over crowded car.
Good night

Friday, July 18, 2008

Today is the Day

I'm packed! I wasn't for sure if I was going to be able to fit everything in the alloted bags but I did!

Within the next twenty-four hours I'm sure I will be exhausted from traveling but it will be lots of fun. I will be able to go through Colorado, and New Mexico, which I have never been to before. Of course I will get to revisit some states, but it will be fun.

In all of my packing I packed four books, mp3 player, and I believe someone is bringing lots of DVD's. I believe that I will have plenty of things to keep me occupied when I'm not sleeping, or driving.

This is good-bye for awhile. More than likely there will be no cellphone service, or access to the internet. I shall return sometime with hopefully lots of details. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated while we are on this trip.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This and That

I love the weather. Its such a beautiful night out. I love the outdoors. Earlier this week it was such a perfect day to be outside. Meaghan and I washed my car, Lynnette's car, and Meaghan watched as I mowed the grass. I haven't mowed in awhile. I enjoyed it very much, brought back memories of doing it many of times while growing up.

This past weekend I was babysitting, I love going to this place for a few reasons. James and Susie are adorable, well behaved children, love the view from their house of Cincinnati, super sweet parents.I'm going to miss all of my kids while I'm gone. I have fallen in love with all 5 of them. They can be trying at times but what a joy they are. Tuesday was my last day until the middle of August.
Its a blessing to have a few days off before I leave for New Mexico. I spent the majority of the day yesterday and all day today home with Meaghan and Kaiden. I have enjoyed it greatly. More than any of my kids I will miss M n K the most. I will probably miss when Kaiden starts crawling, and who knows what else Meaghan will learn while I'm gone. She is such a brilliant child.

I'm packing and trying to figure out if I need anything else for my trip. I think I have everything. I'm looking forward to this trip very much. I'm sure I'll have a lot of pictures and details to blog about later.

I smell my brownies so I must go get them out of the oven and put Kaiden to sleep. Have a wonderful night all.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


WOW, what a week this has been! I must say it has been full of lots of new adventures for me.
I went out to the Mills' house this week and rode the four-wheeler! Many laughs and good memories were made that night. My little buddy Tyler was so much fun to ride with. I ventured out and took him down a steep hill, and basically slid the whole way down it. Yeah kinda scary.

Learning how to drive was the best part! I do believe I scared Beth multiple times, and I killed it multiple times. I was trying to change gears in flip flops- very stupid of me. Once, I changed into tennis shoes I succeeded in changing gears and not killing it. I had a blast I loved the feeling of the wind hitting you in the face, and taking it as fast as it could go in an open field. Can't wait to do it again!Last week, Stephen, Elisabeth, and myself went up to King's Island for an afternoon. It rained on us, but we had so much fun. When it was just barley raining I loved the feeling of riding the Racer with rain coming down. We attempted to ride the octopus but it was not fun in pouring down rain. We were drenched by the time we got off. Later after the rain passed we rode the Firehawk. I don't believe I have ever screamed this hard before. I wasn't up to the whole idea of lying on my back, facing the sky, then suddenly facing the ground, but oh what a ride! It was a blast! Elisabeth and I went back yesterday and spent the WHOLE day there. Firehawk was even better this time. This is one ride that I come off without a voice, and crying from laughing so hard. I scream the whole ride, and when it comes to a stop I am laughing very hard. I love the whole free falling feeling . Its a ride you MUST ride. Thanks for recommending it Sam.Lis was terrified to ride the drop tower. I love this ride. She prayed the whole way up and screamed the whole way down

Tuesday night, Lis and I went shopping. I love $2.38 sales at JcPenny's. We also went down to riverfront and played volleyball with Alvin, Elvis, Ronnie, Donnie, and Valerie. I don't believe I have ever purposefully played in pouring down rain but it was fun. We were covered from head to toe with sand, but 3 0n 4 people teams it made you play harder and was well worth the mess afterwards.

I love the whole summer cold thing. It came at the right time. I hope it goes away very soon. I leave in a 8 day I'm excited but have to finish a few things first. At least my TO DO list is getting shorter. I'm off to hopefully finish this list.... Have a good day

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Awaken by Aromas in the air

I love waking up to the aroma of something cooking in the kitchen. Whatever it may be. Makes me happy!

Today I woke up by the smell of breakfast. Eggs, fresh sausage, home made biscuits with butter and honey, or better yet with melted brown sugar and butter, chocolate milk. I'm going to enjoy it very much.

Aw, I love home and the memories that I have here

Well, I'm off to eat and then I must go to work. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The sound of knocking glass

Do you know what that sound of someone knocking on glass sounds like? Do you know what it sounds like at 1:15 in the morning? First of all, that is one sound that can get on my nerves very quickly and especially at such a ridiculous time of the morning.

Yes, I just got pulled over for the SECOND time in my life. With both of these I have been fairly close to home. As I was getting off the exit to come home, a cop car was waiting just down the road. I told my cousin "That cop is going to pull me over." Yep, I was right he, or should I say, they did. The first cop knocked on my cousins side of the car. My first thought was, "that's weird," until the second cop knocked on my side. By this time all the information that he was going to need was in my hand...(except the registration) I somehow forgot to grab it. Mr. Cop said, "I pulled you over because you are all over MY roads." Yeah right I just got off the exit.

Anyways I was question to if I had recently been drinking, and where was I coming from and where was I headed. No, to the first answer, just got off work, heading about a block away to my bed. Then for some reason I went back to the first question and answered yes to it. This certaintly got his attention. I have been throughly enjoying my Sweet Tea I just purchased at McDonald's. He didn't enjoy this answer very much but deep down inside I was laughing.

In the other ear I hear the cop asking Lis for her id. "Sir, I don't have one." Then here comes all the questioning for her. How old are you, are you of any relation, where are you coming from, where are you headed? Elisabeth politely answers all his questions. Next comes the question, whose car does this belong to, why are you in an Indiana licensed car? Yes, at this point I was frustarted. I politely jump in an inform this guy that it belongs to my dad. Then here it goes again, "Why do you have it, what are you doing in Ohio, shouldn't you be home by now? Do I really have to explain my whole life to this stupid cop? I could be in bed at this very moment instead of answering these stupid questions.

Finally, they both go to their car. When Mr. Questions returns I am informed that I need to drive in one lane, and not all over the road because I am a threat to those on the road. My brain once again goes into smartical remarks, I'm such a threat, no one has passed us since you pulled me over, I just got off the exit, how could I possible be all over your road? Thankfully I kept these remarks in.

As I am venting I am drinking my "alcholic tea." I know they are bored with nothing to do, but please don't make me sound like I'm committing all these horrible traffic violations just because you have nothing better to do. My opion and attitude toward policemen at this moment is not the greatest.

What a great way to end an excellent day. Details of my day will follow sometime in the future. I've vented about my wonderful encounter with two bored cops, I'm beyond ready for bed, so I shall go there.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yep, I'm back...Updates & thoughts

Yes, I'm still alive! Life has been very busy the last couple of weeks. It looks as though life will slow down in about a week!

This past weekend was a very good weekend, one that I desperately needed. Friday night I went to a friends graduation from nursing school. I was there with three of my friends, and with someone I kinda of knew but not really. Anyways, by the end of the graduation we both knew each other better than before. I always love getting to meet new people.

After the graduation my phone rang, it was Sam. Didn't know he was there, was confused by his question at first, realized he was in the same building as I was. We decided to hang out later, and it was fun. Went to Amber's graduation party, hung out there for awhile then went home. Stayed up early in the morning talking.

Saturday I went home and went to a friends wedding, had lots of fun hanging out with family, and friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Afterwards Elisabeth and I decided to go shopping...always a lot of fun. Later we went home and swam. Swimming is always relaxing, had many laughs, and made some good memories. Keith, Matthew, and Ethan came over also, it was so much fun hanging out with them. I don't get to see Keith very much anymore, college, and a job took him away from good ole' Columbus. Good thing is his job is transferring him to Columbus, OH for six months. Once school starts again we'll only be an hour away. Much fun will be had by the Williams' cousins and Keith.

So, I have been "living" with one of the families I babysit for. They are cute kids, try my patience at times, but overall I love these kids.Keene, Quinn, & Pierce
All of us doing something funny.
Keene enjoyed putting his finger in his nose and mouthAll of us trying to be normal!

I was blog surfing the other day and I came across a friends blog that I hadn't visited in awhile. It really made me think so I will share just a little with you.

What has been the happiest day of your life? Was it when you got your permit, or how about when you got your licenses. Was it when you graduated from High School, or was it when you got your very first job? Will it be when you find the special someone in your life, or when you become a proud parent? These question I could very well answer yes to, but there has been a day that has been happier than any of these days could even compare to. That was that day at a youth camp when I gave my life to God. The day I made a choice to give up what I want in life, and follow God's plan for my life. For when I made this choice it affected every aspect of my life. I am very glad that I made this decision, and the decision to completely give my life to God no matter the cost. Yes, I've struggled, and life hasn't been the easiest at times but oh what a difference it has made. Have you lost the joy of when you gave your life to Christ? Is this truly been the happiest day of your life? This week seems like it is flying by. Elisabeth came to Cincinnati with me. We have had a blast. Tomorrow we are going to get up early, and spend the day at King's Island. It has been awhile since either of us have been there...can't wait! Tomorrow night after I finish babysitting we will be heading home. Well, that is all for now

Until next time,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Some of My Wondeful Family

Joshy, Lis, Bub, Sarah

Greatest Sister

My one and only Papaw- Love you so much!

Momma & Granny

Love you Dad!
Two cutest Kids I know!

My Bubba & Meaghan

Love you lots Lis your the best!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There are just some things that I love about summer. I love walking outside and smelling the fresh air, or walking through the garden and smelling the plants, picking fresh tomatoes, or strawberries from the patch, cleaning them off with your hand and eating them right there. As of now all we have ready to eat are, strawberries, potatoes, snow peas, radishes, green onions, and a few peppers. I can't wait until the green tomatoes get big enough to pick and fry, or when they turn red just to enjoy their wonderful taste, and of course the I can't wait.

Sunday are dinner consisted of the new vegetables from our garden, Skillet salad, new potatoes, Dad's wonderful cabbage, and then of course hamburgers, hot dogs, and red hot dogs.This week I arrived at work to the Dad greeting me at the door. Before I stepped a foot into the house I was told that there was bad news. My heart sunk at this point...what could it be. Well, I was informed that Emily's(my boss) brother and family was involved in a fatal accident on Sunday. The brother and two people in the other car were killed. Ethan,(boss's nephew) who is 5, was air lifted to Children's in Cincinnati and is in ICU. Ethan stomach was cut open, his intestines, the linings and everything had been ripped. Because of all of this Ethan was left with Septic. Ethan has been sedated since Sunday but is making great progress. He has had two surgeries, and will have another one Friday, they are hoping by Friday that his organs are not as swollen so that they can put them back in and sew him up. The mom is at Miami Valley with a crushed, hip, knee, and ankle to the left leg, and a broken wrist on the right arm. I have been "living" with the Krieder family or so it seems. I arrive early in the mornings, and stay until late in the evening. Emily has been given guardian ship of Ethan because neither of his parents are in place to make the decisions that need to be made. Therefore, she is gone, and I'm at home with her three boys. It sure has been a rough week, they miss their mom so much. Prayer for all the family members involved, and for me would be appreciated.

On the brighter note...It just hit me earlier this week that I'm going to be leaving for New Mexico in just a few weeks! I'm excited about going, but it seems like time is simply flying. I have many things that need to get done before I go. Hopefully my weeks ahead slow down some so I can get these task accomplished. I can't wait to see my friends who are coming along all know who you are!

I have been trying to get ahead start on one of my classes for the fall Children's Literature. Although, I would love to pick up a novel to read, I have been spending my time reading some poetry, and a variety of kid's books. On all 50 books I read I have to come up with a creative project for the kids to do, something besides a book report. This can be challenging at times, but is good for me.

Well, it is getting time for me to head off to my three boys. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday...such an awesome day

Today has been a pretty good day. Got up around 8, went to town with my Dad did some errands, went to Shorty's for lunch! Haven't been to Shorty's in a long time, got a Tenderloin sandwich(they have the best ever) mashed potatoes, and was very good! Came home, read a book, went to sleep, went to work, they had to many people so I got to come home :) Came to town with my parents, went out to eat, ate mostly fruit, went shopping got some new shirts. Right now I'm at my Aunts house hanging out having fun. My cousins, Maddie and Courtney are here, haven't seen them in awhile, they haven't gotten big...time flies.

Columbus smells like a sewer. Late Sunday night I was able to get back to Cincinnati, but my return trip to Columbus was depressing. Dad has been working at our rental house this week non-stop. It took him a couple of days to pump all the water out of the basement. I took the long way around town to get to our house, all the streets have piles and piles of contents from houses outside for the city to get. I'll try and post pictures sometime soon. Our house had at least 5ft of water in it. FEMA, is coming to town to help the flood victims. Hopefully, Dad will be able to get help and be able to fix up our house...if not our house will be a total lost.

Have more that I want to blog about, but I think we are getting ready to head home soon to play scum. Tomorrow will be spent working all day :( Hopefully, it will be a good day!
Well, Gotta run....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A week that has turned into a complete disaster

Wow, what a week it has been!
Monday was spent watching children all day.
Tuesday was spent under a tornado watch.
Wednesday woke up to the tornado sirens going off, knew there was no place to go, so I opted to go back to sleep.
Wednesday night was spent in the dorm with Christy, but once again under a tornado warning.
Thursday was spent watching children again, and a night full of fun at riverfront playing volleyball.
Friday was spent once again watching kids, and then rushing home and to work on time. Ended up being late, got my normal party section at work. Was excited about making some money, but it was extremely slow and storming out.

Today, Saturday, ended the week in a disaster. Yesterday the county of Bartholomew got around 10-15in of rain at one time. This being added to the several of inches it received during the week, and two tornadoes that touched down. All of this was just a disaster waiting in itself but it got only worse. On my way to work today the main highway, and the road I live on was flooded in some areas.

While at work customers were talking about how bad it was out. I-65 was shut down heading northbound as well as HWY 31, the only two roads around here that head north. At this point this is bad but not as bad as what is to come. Just a few miles north a dam broke, and people in Edinburgh had to be evacuated, later on one bridge in Columbus collapsed and the local hospital was being flooded. Evacuation was happening all around the area. My parents own a house on one of the roads that the bridge collapsed. The renter called and said that the appliance inside are floating around, and that it is basically flooded. The shed is floating down 10th St. somewhere. Unfortunately, my parents do not have flood insurance on the house, considering we live in an area that never floods. Yes disaster has hit Columbus, Indiana.

When I left work tonight all major roads where shut down. State troopers were at the stop light stopping everyone and asking where they were heading. A trooper stop at work and told the manager that the best bet for our employees was to camp out at the restaurant for the night. Many were asking if the restaurant was going to put them in hotels, unfortunately everything is completely booked. Thankfully, I live close to work and my road was open!

As of now, I'm currently stuck at home. All roads heading to Cincinnati are closed, more rain is on the way, and I need to get back...somehow.
If you would remember the people in the surrounding area in your prayers. There is much that our little town will be going through in the next few days, and even weeks.