Friday, June 20, 2008

Some of My Wondeful Family

Joshy, Lis, Bub, Sarah

Greatest Sister

My one and only Papaw- Love you so much!

Momma & Granny

Love you Dad!
Two cutest Kids I know!

My Bubba & Meaghan

Love you lots Lis your the best!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There are just some things that I love about summer. I love walking outside and smelling the fresh air, or walking through the garden and smelling the plants, picking fresh tomatoes, or strawberries from the patch, cleaning them off with your hand and eating them right there. As of now all we have ready to eat are, strawberries, potatoes, snow peas, radishes, green onions, and a few peppers. I can't wait until the green tomatoes get big enough to pick and fry, or when they turn red just to enjoy their wonderful taste, and of course the I can't wait.

Sunday are dinner consisted of the new vegetables from our garden, Skillet salad, new potatoes, Dad's wonderful cabbage, and then of course hamburgers, hot dogs, and red hot dogs.This week I arrived at work to the Dad greeting me at the door. Before I stepped a foot into the house I was told that there was bad news. My heart sunk at this point...what could it be. Well, I was informed that Emily's(my boss) brother and family was involved in a fatal accident on Sunday. The brother and two people in the other car were killed. Ethan,(boss's nephew) who is 5, was air lifted to Children's in Cincinnati and is in ICU. Ethan stomach was cut open, his intestines, the linings and everything had been ripped. Because of all of this Ethan was left with Septic. Ethan has been sedated since Sunday but is making great progress. He has had two surgeries, and will have another one Friday, they are hoping by Friday that his organs are not as swollen so that they can put them back in and sew him up. The mom is at Miami Valley with a crushed, hip, knee, and ankle to the left leg, and a broken wrist on the right arm. I have been "living" with the Krieder family or so it seems. I arrive early in the mornings, and stay until late in the evening. Emily has been given guardian ship of Ethan because neither of his parents are in place to make the decisions that need to be made. Therefore, she is gone, and I'm at home with her three boys. It sure has been a rough week, they miss their mom so much. Prayer for all the family members involved, and for me would be appreciated.

On the brighter note...It just hit me earlier this week that I'm going to be leaving for New Mexico in just a few weeks! I'm excited about going, but it seems like time is simply flying. I have many things that need to get done before I go. Hopefully my weeks ahead slow down some so I can get these task accomplished. I can't wait to see my friends who are coming along all know who you are!

I have been trying to get ahead start on one of my classes for the fall Children's Literature. Although, I would love to pick up a novel to read, I have been spending my time reading some poetry, and a variety of kid's books. On all 50 books I read I have to come up with a creative project for the kids to do, something besides a book report. This can be challenging at times, but is good for me.

Well, it is getting time for me to head off to my three boys. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday...such an awesome day

Today has been a pretty good day. Got up around 8, went to town with my Dad did some errands, went to Shorty's for lunch! Haven't been to Shorty's in a long time, got a Tenderloin sandwich(they have the best ever) mashed potatoes, and was very good! Came home, read a book, went to sleep, went to work, they had to many people so I got to come home :) Came to town with my parents, went out to eat, ate mostly fruit, went shopping got some new shirts. Right now I'm at my Aunts house hanging out having fun. My cousins, Maddie and Courtney are here, haven't seen them in awhile, they haven't gotten big...time flies.

Columbus smells like a sewer. Late Sunday night I was able to get back to Cincinnati, but my return trip to Columbus was depressing. Dad has been working at our rental house this week non-stop. It took him a couple of days to pump all the water out of the basement. I took the long way around town to get to our house, all the streets have piles and piles of contents from houses outside for the city to get. I'll try and post pictures sometime soon. Our house had at least 5ft of water in it. FEMA, is coming to town to help the flood victims. Hopefully, Dad will be able to get help and be able to fix up our house...if not our house will be a total lost.

Have more that I want to blog about, but I think we are getting ready to head home soon to play scum. Tomorrow will be spent working all day :( Hopefully, it will be a good day!
Well, Gotta run....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A week that has turned into a complete disaster

Wow, what a week it has been!
Monday was spent watching children all day.
Tuesday was spent under a tornado watch.
Wednesday woke up to the tornado sirens going off, knew there was no place to go, so I opted to go back to sleep.
Wednesday night was spent in the dorm with Christy, but once again under a tornado warning.
Thursday was spent watching children again, and a night full of fun at riverfront playing volleyball.
Friday was spent once again watching kids, and then rushing home and to work on time. Ended up being late, got my normal party section at work. Was excited about making some money, but it was extremely slow and storming out.

Today, Saturday, ended the week in a disaster. Yesterday the county of Bartholomew got around 10-15in of rain at one time. This being added to the several of inches it received during the week, and two tornadoes that touched down. All of this was just a disaster waiting in itself but it got only worse. On my way to work today the main highway, and the road I live on was flooded in some areas.

While at work customers were talking about how bad it was out. I-65 was shut down heading northbound as well as HWY 31, the only two roads around here that head north. At this point this is bad but not as bad as what is to come. Just a few miles north a dam broke, and people in Edinburgh had to be evacuated, later on one bridge in Columbus collapsed and the local hospital was being flooded. Evacuation was happening all around the area. My parents own a house on one of the roads that the bridge collapsed. The renter called and said that the appliance inside are floating around, and that it is basically flooded. The shed is floating down 10th St. somewhere. Unfortunately, my parents do not have flood insurance on the house, considering we live in an area that never floods. Yes disaster has hit Columbus, Indiana.

When I left work tonight all major roads where shut down. State troopers were at the stop light stopping everyone and asking where they were heading. A trooper stop at work and told the manager that the best bet for our employees was to camp out at the restaurant for the night. Many were asking if the restaurant was going to put them in hotels, unfortunately everything is completely booked. Thankfully, I live close to work and my road was open!

As of now, I'm currently stuck at home. All roads heading to Cincinnati are closed, more rain is on the way, and I need to get back...somehow.
If you would remember the people in the surrounding area in your prayers. There is much that our little town will be going through in the next few days, and even weeks.