Monday, October 12, 2009

God's grace

Isn't it amazing the grace the God gives to us. I am overwhelmed by it when I think about all that God has done for me. He has bestowed upon me grace and I am so thankful for it. Its stronger, deeper, and higher than anything else. Without it I would be lost.

God is good all the time!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My busy summer at a glance

The summer seems like it shouldn't be ending in just a few short weeks. Needless to say, I have had a good summer. My summer has been working, sleeping, and playing with little kids.

In just a few short hours I will be leaving for New Mexico! I'm looking forward to going out there again this year, but the 30 hours one way in a vehicle doesn't sound like fun right now. The return trip is even worse than going because of being exhausted. At least I will be spending the next two weeks with some close friends, and will be catching up with all the teens from last year and hopefully new ones ;) I'm especially looking forward to seeing Ashley. Pictures and details will all be coming when I get back

The best thing about this summer is that I had a new nephew born!!!! He is the cutest little guy I have seen. I would post pictures of Rylan Grady, but I don't have any on my computer yet :(

Next time I hope to blog sooner, but knowing me, I will probably be in the middle of Fall semester.....lets hope that doesn't happen.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


So I found this post saved in my drafts from Mother's Day. Just a couple pictures of my momma and I. I love you Mom you are a great Mom.I know that I don't tell you enough but I love you and glad that you are my momma! Thanks for everything you and Daddy do for me. I love you both!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ready to be finished

Life is busy. I'm stressed. Ready for it all to be over. Just a few more days....I can make it.

So, I have a few options for the next year, and I need to make decisions soon. Not exactly sure what I am suppose to do, but I know the answers will come at the right time.

I have lots to do so I shall return to homework I believe. Oh, I'm looking forward to next weekend!!! So excited to go home and relax as much as possible :-)

Well Goodnight...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random question and answers

Last phone call →Esther

Last instant message -> Jon Bart

Last song you listened to --I don't remember...whatever was on the radio

Last time you cried> Its been awhile...almost did today( long story)

Last text message → my beautiful cousin Elisabeth


Lost a friend → Yes.

Loved someone so much you cried → Yes.

Stayed up all night →Yes, college does that to you or procrastination...

Lost someone special→ Yes, I have.

List three favorite colors: → Green and Blue, Yellow...makes me happy and Smile


Laughed until you cried → Yes...Sunday night

Met someone who changed your life → Eth

Found out someone was talking about you → No. But it happens...let it pass

How many kids do you want to have ? ---4-6

Do you want to change your name → Someday hopefully my last name

What time did you wake up today → 6:45 a.m.

What were you doing at midnight last night → Finishing homework

Name something you CANNOT wait for → This weekend I'm off all weekend :D, and for Spring Break!!!

Last time you saw your father--> 2 Sundays Ago

What's getting on your nerves right now → Nothing...wishing I was off work though.

Nicknames → Little Sarah Lee, Sarah Lee, Sarai, Doug...don't ask ;)

Relationship Status → Single.

Hair color natural → Brunette

Long or short → Long

Are you health freak → Not exactly, but I don't eat horrible foods just for the fun of it. Try to eat healthy things.

Righty or Lefty → Righty


First surgery → 4 or 5yrs old-When I got tubes put in my ear

First piercing → No thank you

First best friend → Rhoda & Esther

First pet → Sam full blooded German Shepard

First vacation → I would say Tennessee

-First crush -->Chris Anderson... haha


Eating → No

Drinking → Yes Sweet Tea

Wanting → To be home or outside!!!


Want kids? → Yes!

Want to get married? → Yeah

Careers in mind? → Nursing on a mission field.


Kissed a stranger → No

Lost glasses/contacts → Yes...both actually

Ran away from home --> No..but I'm sure I wanted to when as a young teen

Broken someone's heart → Unfortunatly, yes.

Turned someone down → Yes.

Cried when someone died → Yes...Watching someone die is the hardest


Yourself ----> Yes!

Miracles → Oh yes!

Santa Claus → No.

Kiss on the first date → No

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glimpse of my week

*Take a deep breath* I'm so glad my week is over. It was a busy week but it was a very interesting one at that. Had a good conversation with some of my girls from Teen Power Thursday, went to a banquet, worked, talked to my papaw :) that always makes me happy, and did a bunch of other things. Here are a few pictures from the banquet.

Cousins :)
Chelsea & I
Kimberly, Amanda, & Lauren
I had trouble keeping my eyes open so they tried to help me

This weekend is hopefully going to be a productive one. I need to finish my ten page paper, get test notes prepared, and a bunch of other things that pertain to homework.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My life recently:
Busy. Ready for a weekend. Needs to go home. Wants to go home. Having withdraws from my momma's food. Sweet tea. Life. Always on the run. Lack of sleep. Glad for days off. Homework. Banquets. Drama. Family. God. Busy. Work. Teens. Homework.Busy.Few hours of sleep

Second semester is always busy. Seems like summer break arrives very quick. I must say this is the worst semester I have had. Its so busy. Classes are going good but takes a lot of time and loaded with homework.

Sleep is something I don't get enough of.

God is good all the time! I'm thankful I have a relationship with him

Good-night all

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kaiden

Seems like he should still be this little again. Time sure does fly! I love you Bubby

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a great friend you are

Just to let you know I consider you one of my closest friends. You were there for me when I needed you and in return I was there when you needed me. I will miss talking to you, eating with you, visiting you in the library, working together, and my random hugs from you . I especially will miss you as my seat buddy ;).

A story all in itself! Mud, winches, cooking trailer, dishes, etc :)

I know that change takes place in everyone's life although I do not like it I am learning to adjust. I know that there were times that I never told you how much I cherished our friendship but I truly do. I know that we will still see each other and do things together but for now I miss you my Friend. May God richly bless you in all that you do. (Here are a few pictures of fun times together)

Our People
Working on our project
still workingFinished Project
The ruins- a walk that never ended

New Mexico!


One game that lasted 4 hours
Capture the Flag

Great Memories

Mushrooms! A long long hilarious story!

Your an amazing friend. I'll forever love you Esther!

When I Cry

Makin' a list of all of the good things You've done for me
Lord, I've never been one to complain
But right now I'm lost and I can't find my way
My world's come apart and it's breakin' my heart
But it helps to know Your heart is breakin' too

When I cry, You cry
When I hurt, You hurt
When I've lost someone
It takes a piece of You, too
And when I fall on my face
You fill me with grace
'Cause nothin' breaks Your heart
Or tears You apart
Like when I cry

Alone in the dark, face in my hands, crying out to You
Lord, there's never been a time in my life
There's so much at stake, there's so much to lose
But I trust it to You
You'll bring me through
And it helps me to know that I'm not alone

When I cry, You cry
When I hurt, You hurt
When I've lost someone
It takes a piece of You, too
And when I fall on my face
You fill me with grace
'Cause nothin' breaks Your heart
Or tears You apart
Like when I cry

You're the one who calmed the raging sea
You're the one who made the blind to see
You looked through all of heaven and eternity
And through it all you saw me...

When I cry, You cry
When I hurt, You hurt
And when I've lost someone it takes a piece of You, too
When I fall on my face, You fill me with grace
Nothing breaks your heart, or tears you apart
Like when I cry