Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glimpse of my week

*Take a deep breath* I'm so glad my week is over. It was a busy week but it was a very interesting one at that. Had a good conversation with some of my girls from Teen Power Thursday, went to a banquet, worked, talked to my papaw :) that always makes me happy, and did a bunch of other things. Here are a few pictures from the banquet.

Cousins :)
Chelsea & I
Kimberly, Amanda, & Lauren
I had trouble keeping my eyes open so they tried to help me

This weekend is hopefully going to be a productive one. I need to finish my ten page paper, get test notes prepared, and a bunch of other things that pertain to homework.


Alanna said...

Nice pictures! :) especially the last one... lol. I have sooo much to do before tour!!! Aaauggh! I'm so excited though... :)